The home of the Spicy Gelati.

Don't worry, we have plenty of sweet and savory flavors of Ice Cream, Water Ice, Floats, Sundaes & more!

Willow's Way Ventnor Water Ice and Ice Cream Parlor

made fresh.

Because you deserve it!

Willow's Way- Shore Refreshments is now open in Ventnor, New Jersey for the 2022 Spring/Summer Season!


We are a family-owned business that's operating in a space which served the Jersey Shore for over 35yrs! It was an honor to receive a blessing and praise from the original owners of Mento's Water Ice & Ice Cream when we opened in June of 2021!

Image by Peter Gargiulo

The reviews are in...already?!

Image by Jennie Brown


Amazing!! Try the birthday cake ice cream

Image by Markus Spiske


Locally owned, clean, and amazing water ice! Can’t wait to go back!

Ice Cream


I am a local business owner. I appreciate quality and community engagement from businesses. This right here has it all.

(they're real, btw.)