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Ventnor New Jersey's home for unique, original frozen treats.

We make sweet and savory flavors of Ice Cream, Water Ice, Floats, Sundaes & more all from scratch!

Willow's Way Ventnor Water Ice and Ice Cream Parlor

made fresh.

Because you deserve it!

Willow's Way- Shore Refreshments is NOW OPEN FOR THE 2024 SEASON!

We are a family-owned business that's operating in a space which served the Jersey Shore for over 35yrs! It has been an honor to receive a blessing and praise from the original owners of Mento's Water Ice & Ice Cream when we opened in June of 2021!

Image by Peter Gargiulo

Makin' waves at the Shore!

Image by Jennie Brown


Willow’s Way is THE BEST — and I say that as someone with a longtime loyalty to the other (very good) water ice/ice cream spots in the Ventnor/Margate area. The homemade flavors here are just a step above (hello Bing Cherry, omg, and Blue Dream) and the ever-changing menu of specialty gelatis so creative. It’s also so great to see how the owner collaborates regularly with and supports other local food businesses.

Image by Markus Spiske


First time visit!

Got a small blueberry cheesecake ice cream in a cup and it was delicious! Tarty with cheesecake bites, not too overwhelming. Have been happily recommending it to friends and family, and they’ve enjoyed the flavor too!

The spoon changes color when it’s cold, which is so fun for kids and adults.

Staff is friendly, even gave both our pups treats! They accept Apple Pay, which is a plus when I don’t have my wallet.

Ice Cream


Great homemade ice cream and water ice, especially the Mudd ice cream and Honey Dew water ice. Friendly and kind staff. Color changing spoons and bowls were a hit with the kids. Prices are reasonable. For once grabbing ice cream on the island didn't break the bank. We will be back!

(they're real, btw.)

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